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Scout Loop

Campground A Loop is a Scout Loop.

At this time, All Scout Troops are required to call 301-344-3948 to reserve space in the Scout Loop portion of the campground for March and April 2015.
Scouts are no longer required have a tour permit and proof of insurance.

Beginning in May 2015, we will be transitioning to recreation.gov (online reservation system). We will do our best to help you transition to this new system.

The Scout rate is $ 16.00 per site per night.
3 tents, 6 people and 2 vehicles are the maximum for each site.
For example, your troop has 50 people. You would need 9 sites. 9x16=$144 per night.

The payment must be made at the time of arrival. Complete a self registration envelope and place in the overnight deposit silver box located along the roadway next to the main bulletin board at the entrance to the campground. This will change with the new reservation system. The troop will need to pay by charge card or check at the time of the reservation. There are charges for cancellations and changes to reservations.

Reservations are taken over the phone by calling 301-344-3948. Reservations cannot be made by email.
We would appreciate that if you cannot make your scheduled weekend that you call the Park Headquarters.
All campground rules are in effect for the A Loop as well.
Please pick up a copy of the campground rules and regulations and share them with your troop.

Here are some of the guidelines for the campground:

3 tents, 6 people and 2 vehicles are the maximum for each site.

No attachments to the trees including clotheslines.

Please contain all fires in the grills and completely put them out before leaving the site.

Keep the bathroom clean and report any damage to the ranger or host.

Apply the Leave No Trace principles to the campground.

Thank you for camping at Greenbelt Park.

a picture of the A Scout loop
Come enjoy the Scout Loop at Greenbelt Park

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