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    Park Maryland

Greenbelt Park trail system

Click for Greenbelt Park map with trail system.

Please help us preserve the park trails.

* All dogs must be on a leash and owners must pick up after their pet.

* No bikes or horses are allowed on the trails.

* The park closes at dusk so plan your trail walk or hike.

* Prepare for your hike- bring water, cell phone, and a trail map. Use tick and insect repellant.

* Please call the U.S. Park Police at 301-344-4250 for any emergency, need of ambulance or criminal activity.

*Please call our Park headquarters for any trail maintenance issues at 301-344-3948.

Be alert to changing climate conditions. Check the weather before hiking or walking on the trails. Do not hike under severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, blizzards, or expected high wind conditions.

Perimeter trail 5.3 miles
Trail begins at the entrance of the park. There are different access points throughout the park.

Azalea Trail- 1.2 miles
Parking available in the Sweetgum Picnic area
Bathroom facilities and picnic area also available in the Sweetgum Picnic area.

Dogwood trail- 1.5 miles
Parking lot available along Park Central Road.

Blueberry trail- 0.8 miles
Limited parking available at the Ranger Station.

The brochures are available in the park at the Park Headquarters and Greenbelt Park Ranger Station.

a picture of the Azalea Trail
Azalea Trail in Greenbelt Park, Md.
SCA students working on a waterbar in Greenbelt Park, Md.
The SCA is working hard on improving the trails in 2010 at Greenbelt Park, Md.
The three students are installing waterbars to help prevent erosion.
Thanks SCA!
a picture of the Recovery Act bridge constructed in the Summer 2010
Here is the Recovery Act bridge in Greenbelt Park, Maryland completed in the Summer 2010.
a picture of the Perimeter Trail
Perimeter Trail in Greenbelt Park, Md.
a woman walking her dog on a trail in Greenbelt Park
A woman walking her dog on a trail in Greenbelt Park, Md.
Thanks for respecting other walkers ands hikers by keeping your dog on a leash and picking up after your pet!

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