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Greater Washington National Parks

a picture of the Greater Washington National Parks map
a picture of a map showing the entire Washington D.C. regional area highlighting National Parks

For those of us who live and work in the Greater Washington region, National Park experiences are part of our daily lives.

Commutes along the scenic George Washington Memorial and Baltimore-Washington Parkways;
bike rides and walks along the C&O Canal and Rock Creek Park; golfing and picnics at Haines Point;
family camping adventures in Greenbelt, Catoctin and Prince William Forest Parks;
school outings and out-of-town-guest expeditions to The White House, Harpers Ferry, Frederick Douglass House, and Antietam and Manassas National Battlefields.

All of these rich experiences contribute to what makes living in the Greater Washington region so special.

Click here for the Greater Washington National Parks website

Did You Know?

a picture of cars and tent trailers in the Laurel Picnic Area

Tents and trailers used the Holly and Laurel Picnic Areas before the Greenbelt Park campground was built. The camping areas in Greenbelt Park, Maryland were constructed in 1965 and 1966 as a part of Mission 66.