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Learn how to become a Greenbelt Park Junior Ranger


Each National Park conducts its Junior ranger program in different ways due to staff and other factors.

Our goal here at Greenbelt Park is to provide a learning experience and promote appreciation and understanding of the environment. As a Junior Ranger you will learn to “preserve and protect our nation’s natural and cultural resources for the education and enjoyment of future generations”.

We are also expected to introduce a new Junior Ranger booklet in the Summer of 2015.

The new booklet was designed by the Student Conservation Association Junior Ranger Ambassador.

Click on this for more information on Junior Ranger programs throughout the National Park Service.

Kids click on link for Web Ranger- Explore and become a National Park Service Web Ranger! It was updated recently with new activities and ways to explore National Parks.

It's a blast!

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Help Prevent Forest Fires


Join us on Junior Ranger Sunday and come discover the world of beavers.

Meet at the Greenbelt Park Ranger Station near the campground on Sunday January 25 at 11:00 a.m..
Greenbelt Park's entrance is located at 6565 Greenbelt Road between the Baltimore Washington Parkway and Kenilworth Avenue
For more information please call Greenbelt Park at 301 344-3944 or visit the park 's web site at

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The Junior Rangers worked on an activity with Ranger Alford

a picture of the 2011 JR RANGERS

Here are the Junior Rangers giving a program on Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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