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There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Tick Alert

    Greenbelt Park has issued a tick alert. Ticks have been spotted on park staff and visitors. Please use precautions such as tick repellant. Click the following for more information on Ticks and tick prevention More »

Ranger Guided

Park rangers are available for ranger guided trail walks and other park programs. Please call 301-344-3944 to schedule a walk or program.

Please remember the Ranger's name, date and program so there will be no confusion when you arrive at the park.

Remember not to reserve any transportation until a ranger has confirmed that they are available for that particular date.

Did You Know?

a picture of singer Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy, the singer from the Maryland area, had her memorial service held in the Sweetgum Picnic Area of Greenbelt Park, Maryland.