• View of Grand Canyon National Park at sunset from the South Rim

    Grand Canyon

    National Park Arizona


South Rim

Air Service
Commercial air carriers serve Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona.

There is limited air service into the Grand Canyon Airport (10 miles / 16 km south of the park) from the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

All scenic air tours are based outside of Grand Canyon National Park. Both fixed-wing and helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon region are offered daily. Learn more here.

For those of you planning on flying your plane to the Grand Canyon Airport, the Arizona Department of Transporation has airport information at: http://gcr1.com/5010web/airport.cfm?Site=GCN


North Rim

There is no longer an airstrip on the North Rim of the park. (that means that the North Rim village may only be reached by road.)

Commercial airlines serve Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas. There is also regularly scheduled air service into the St. George, UT Airport from Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. (St. George, UT is 156 miles/ 251 km to the west of the North Rim)

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