• View of Grand Canyon National Park at sunset from the South Rim

    Grand Canyon

    National Park Arizona

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  • Expect Isolated Afternoon and Evening Thunderstorms Through the Weekend

    Monsoonal weather patterns have moved into the Grand Canyon area decreasing fire danger. As a result, on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 a.m. fire managers lifted fire restrictions within Grand Canyon National Park. More »

  • Two Bats Collected in the Park Have Tested Positive for Rabies

    One on the North Kaibab Trail and the other at Tusayan Ruin/Museum. Any persons having physical contact with bats in Grand Canyon National Park, please call 928-638-7779. Rabies can be prevented if appropriate medical care is given following an exposure. More »

River Trip Orientation Video - Chapter 1

Introduction to the River Orientation Video

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River Trip Orientation Video Chapter Menu
For watching the videos here on the park's website:

Chapter Topic Duration
01) Introduction - Grand Canyon River Trips
02) Water Temperature and Flow Variations 3:24
03) Low Impact Camping 4:18
04) Personal Hygiene, Kitchen, Food/ Hydration 5:40
05) Accidents 3:36
06) Wildlife 2:11
07) Restricted Areas 5:36
08) Day Use Areas 5:54
09) Conclusion (Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek) & Video Credits 2:37
10) Diamond Creek to Lake Mead - Pearce Ferry Take-Out/ Rapid 4:01
11) Native American Perspectives 5:42

Watch the River Trip Orientation Videos on YouTube

Here is the link to the YouTube playlist with all the videos:

Here are links to the individual video chapters on YouTube:

Part 1: Introduction - 05m:42s

Part 2: Water Flow and Fluctuations - 03m:24s

Part 3: Low Impact Camping Tips - 04m:18s

Part 4: Personal Hygiene, Kitchen, Food/ Hydration - 05min:40s

Part 5: Accidents, What To Do - 03m:36s

Part 6: Grand Canyon Wildlife - 02m:11s

Part 7: Restricted Areas - 05m:36s

Part 8: Day Use Areas - 05m:54s

Part 9: Conclusion & Video Credits - 02m:37s

Part 10: Diamond Creek to Lake Mead Pearce Ferry Take-out/ Rapid- 04m:01s

Part 11: Native American Perspectives - 05m:42s

Did You Know?


The elk found within Grand Canyon National Park weigh as much as 1,000 pounds (450 kg), and have been known to injure people who approach them. Never approach wild animals. It is dangerous, and illegal, to feed the wild animals in a national park. Violators will be fined.