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The Canyon Field Schools enable college, high school and middle school age youth from all over the country to explore Grand Canyon through hiking and rafting adventures each year. Sign up for a 2015 program today!

Group of youth by the river

Youth enjoying the inner canyon.


Grand Canyon Semester: Grand Canyon National Park is proud to partner with Prescott College to offer Grand Canyon Semester during the fall of 2015. This semester-long, interdisciplinary program embraces a progressive approach to experiential, place-based learning that uses the Greater Grand Canyon Ecoregion as our training grounds and laboratory.

High School

Grand Canyon Expeditions - Phantom Ranch: Coming in summer 2016! This backpacking adventure is for youth aged 15-18. On this8-day program youth hike down the Bright Angel Trail to Phantom Ranch, stopping at Indian Garden along the way. Youth explore topics of geology, ecology, and human history through hands-on experiences. While immersed in the backcountry, participants further develop their understanding of camping skills and Leave No Trace principles. All meals and backpacking gear are provided.

Grand Canyon Unearthed: Explore the diversity of the Canyon from the North Rim, South Rim and Colorado River while learning from park rangers about the natural history and the forces that make this geologic wonder so unique.

July 17 to July 30, 2015 ($230.00)
Spend four days exploring the North Rim, raft the Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch, and hike the Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim for four more days of camping!

July 21 to August 3, 2015 ($230.00)
Spend four days exploring the North Rim, backpack down the North Kaibab Trail, raft the Colorado River from Phantom Ranch to Diamond Creek, and travel to the South Rim for four more days of camping!

Artists as Ambassadors: Experience the wild landscape of the canyon with park rangers and a professional artist, experiment with different artistic techniques and learn about the influential stories that have carved the canyon. This twelve day program for High School youth is perfect for those interested in art, adventure, and exploration.

July 6-19, 2015 ($230)
Participants will have the opportunity to see the canyon from different perspectives beginning with camping for four days on the rim of Grand Canyon, four days rafting the Colorado River from Diamond Creek to Pearce Ferry, and concluding with four days curating an original art exhibit on the South Rim.

Science Academy: Science Academy is a weekend program that invites high school students to explore scientific concepts through hands-on and inquiry-based learning. Students will complete activities covering science, math, reading and writing topics that align with grade level state standards to earn extra credit in their current classes. All meals and camping equipment are provided.

Youth photographing Grand Canyon

Young photographers explore the canyon.

Grand Canyon in Focus participant, Parks in Focus

Middle School

Grand Canyon in Focus
Park rangers and Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus scholars guide Boys & Girls Club members on the hiking and photography adventure of a lifetime. Club members, grades 6 through 8, learn the fundamentals of nature photography while exploring one of the most unique landforms on Earth. Check out the youths' photography. Contact the coordinator with questions and inquiries.

Canyon Quest: Explore one of the most unique landforms on Earth! This week-long rim-based program allows middle school students to explore topics in geology, ecology, human history, art and citizen science. Participants camp on the rim for six days and five nights, with day excursions into the canyon. All meals and camping equipment are provided.

Grand Canyon Expeditions - Indian Garden: This is an introductory backpacking trip for youth 11-14. This summer program is a 6-day experience where participants prepare for their trip on the South Rim, hike 4.6 miles down into the canyon on the Bright Angel Tral and spend 3 days and 2 nights at Indian Garden. Youth explore the geology, ecology and human history of Grand Canyon through inquiry and place-based activities. This experience focuses on basic camping skills and Leave No Trace concepts. All meals and backpacking gear are provided.

June 5-10, 2015 ($100)
June 12-17, 2015 ($100)
July 31-August 5, 2015 ($100)
August 7-12, 2015 ($100)
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Grand Canyon National Park proudly partners with the Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus to provide engaging experiences for youth. Generous support from the Grand Canyon Association and the National Park Foundation make these programs possible.


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