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Where the Wild Things Live

Lizard, raven, deer and chipmunk, each in separate squares, superimposed in the sky over Grand Canyon
Where the Wild Things Live
NPS photos by Michael Quinn and Jamie Scott. Lizard courtesy of Steve Mull.

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Grand Canyon National Park's free distance learning programs offer students an exciting introduction to the science behind the park.

Where the Wild Things Live
engages students in a live and interactive wildlife lesson with park rangers via the Internet. Students learn about Grand Canyon animals by exploring the differences and similarities between pets and wildlife. They compare how domesticated and wild animals find food, water, and shelter to survive, as well as how both interact with humans. The program lasts about 30 to 45 minutes.

How to Participate

Registration begins in early September; programs take place from November through March. Schools must have video conferencing capability to dial the park's IP address at the scheduled time, or they can participate online via Skype.

To register:

Download Distance Learning program information. (updated Aug. 8, 2013)
Download Distance Learning program registration form: as PDF File - as JPG Photo File

Program Materials:

Once you are scheduled for a distance learning program, the following links access the lesson plans and materials needed to prepare your students. 

After the program, please participate in our online program evaluation to help us improve our educational efforts.


Biology: Animals, Conservation, Ecology, Environment
National/State Standards:
NS.K-4.3 Life Science
Distance Learning