Lesson Plan

Grand Canyon Human History

Grand Canyon rock art depicting hunters (left) and game animals.
Grand Canyon rock art created by people long ago.
NPS photo by Michael Quinn


From rock art to railways, this set of activities expands students' knowledge of archaeology and human history at Grand Canyon and in the southwestern United States.


Designed to enhance student learning about Grand Canyon's human history, these lesson plans cover more than 12,000 years of culture at the canyon. Activities can be performed before or after your human history field trip (Rails and Tales; Time Travelers). If you are not attending a field trip to the park, most activities can be used independently in your classroom.

Lesson plans include:

  • Create a Cover
  • As Big as a House
  • Pushing the Envelope
  • Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Words?
  • Oral History Interview
  • History Detectives
  • Split Twig Figurines
  • Making and Understanding Rock Art
  • Human History Timeline
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Ancestral Puebloan; architect; architecture; Colorado Plateau; Civilian Conservation Corps; geography; Great Depression; petroglyph; pictograph; pueblo; South Rim; North Rim; split twig figurine; observation; inference