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The Grand Canyon Artist-in-Residence program has been honored to host prominent artists working in all genres, from painting to music composition, poetry to dance, found-object sculpture to performance. We have hosted photographers, writers, jewelers, textile artists, musicians, and new media artists working in very experimental art forms. Artists working in traditional forms of representational art as well as artists whose work is technology supported have been in-residence.

The Artist in Residence program has become quite competitive, selecting mostly mid- and late-career artists, working at the top of their fields, well-recognized and honored. But we've also offered artist opportunities to talented emerging artists, who have flourished through their residency.

The Artist-in-Residence program offers the selected artists an opportunity to present their work to an international audience through public demos, formal artist talks, workshops, and performances, while also giving the artists the often-elusive gift of focused time to pursue their own artistic goals and projects. The rare experience of an extended stay in a National Park and World Heritage Site gives artists a rare opportunity to creatively explore and respond to this astounding and intimidating landscape.

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Michael Miiner photograph

Rim Tree, Moran Point; large format photograph recorded on 5 X 7 Ilford HP5 sheet film and printed onto Ilford Multi-contrast glossy fiber-based silver halide paper ; January 2010

Michael Miner; Los Angeles, CA; south rim AiR, January 2010

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