• View of Grand Canyon National Park at sunset from the South Rim

    Grand Canyon

    National Park Arizona

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  • Expect Dry Conditions and Warm Temperatures Through the First Half of This Week

    Monsoonal weather patterns have moved into the Grand Canyon area decreasing fire danger. As a result, on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 a.m. fire managers lifted fire restrictions within Grand Canyon National Park. More »

  • Two Bats Collected in the Park Have Tested Positive for Rabies

    One on the North Kaibab Trail and the other at Tusayan Ruin/Museum. Any persons having physical contact with bats in Grand Canyon National Park, please call 928-638-7767. Rabies can be prevented if appropriate medical care is given following an exposure. More »

Join a park ranger and camp in the wild!

High school and middle school youth from all over the country explore Grand Canyon through hiking and rafting adventures each summer.

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Group of youth by the river

Youth enjoying the inner canyon.

High School

Rim to River:
High school youth ride the raging rapids of the Colorado River, dig into conservation field work, and discover Grand Canyon's wild spaces and intriguing human history. Youth explore both the rim and the river with park rangers and local experts.

Grand Inspiration: High school participants discover the beauty of Grand Canyon from the Colorado River while they write, draw, paint, and photograph the wild. Youth finish the trip with time on the rim to assemble an exhibit of their work.

Apply for programs through Grand Canyon Youth.

Youth photographing Grand Canyon

Young photographers explore the canyon.

Grand Canyon in Focus participant, Parks in Focus

Middle School

Grand Canyon in Focus
Park rangers and Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus scholars guide Boys & Girls Club members on the hiking and photography adventure of a lifetime. Club members, grades 6 through 8, learn the fundamentals of nature photography while exploring one of the most unique landforms on Earth. Check out the youths' photography. Contact the coordinator with questions and inquiries.


Logos for Grand Canyon Youth and Parks in Focus.

Grand Canyon National Park proudly partners with Grand Canyon Youth and Udall Foundation's Parks in Focus to provide engaging experiences for youth. Generous support from the Grand Canyon Association and the National Park Foundation make these programs possible.

Did You Know?


No one has ever found a fossilized reptile skeleton or even an entire reptile bone within the Grand Canyon. Fossil footprints were left by more than 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, but no complete teeth or bones! More...