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  • Wheeler Peak Summit Trail Closed

    A small smoldering fire near the trail has caused the closure of the Wheeler Peak Summit Trail. park staff is observing the fire. Check back here to get an update whne the trail will open. Alpine Lakes Loop and Bristlecone Trail are open. More »

  • Road Work at Great Basin National Park

    Road work will begin in Upper Lehman and Wheeler Peak Campgrounds. Campgrounds will be open but may be noisy and have large vehicles on the roads. The Scenic Drive is open with up to 15 min delays due to road work. Click more for details. Updated 9/9/14 More »

  • Travel Not Recommended - Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive Above 8,000 Feet

    Snow and ice may make travel on Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive unsafe, travel is not recommended at this time. Warmer weather over the weekend is expected and conditions may improve. 10/1/2014

  • Snake Creek Road and Campsites Closed

    The Snake Creek Road will be closed from the park boundary into the park to begin work on campsites, trails and restroom improvements. Work will continue until snow closes the project. Work will resume in Spring 2015.

2011: Sculptor Joe Norman

Tree table cafeRS

Examples of 2011 Artist-in-Residence table art.

Joe Norman

The 2011 Artist-in-Residence Joe Norman graduated with a degree in Product Design and worked with several design consulting firms for a number of years on projects ranging from children's toys to fast food to sport utility vehicles to cleaning products. He then taught art and science at the middle and high school levels before focusing on handmade and site-specific furniture and sculpture, specifically that which builds environments that support and promote communities. Many of his designs are direct results of working with schools, families, and businesses to develop places that encourage people to work and be together in positive ways.

Joe works mainly by sculpting found materials. Often times these materials have lived their 'useful' life and are discarded. Many still have an emotional resonance, though; they are like the smell of a favorite food from childhood that sends us back through decades of memories. He believes that we have spent our entire lives building relationships with bicycles, ammunition casings, and plywood even if we're never owned any of them. We know what they were used for, and when presented in a new and beautiful way that relationship continues.

Joe's work can be seen at www.blueboathomedesign.com.

Artist Joe Norman
Joe Norman
Breakfast Bar print portfolioRS
Artist Joe Norman
Joe Norman

Did You Know?

Lexington Arch

Great Basin National Park is home to Lexington Arch, one of the largest limestone arches in the western United States. This six-story arch was created by the forces of weather working slowly over the span of centuries. This type of above ground limestone arch is rare.