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Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

Chuck Bueter

What is a transit of Venus?
When Venus passes directly between earth and the sun, we see the distant planet as a small dot gliding slowly across the face of the sun. Historically, this rare alignment is how we measured the size of our solar system.

Join Great Basin's Dark Rangers in viewing this rare transit at the Great Basin Visitor Center in Baker, NV starting at 2:30PM (PDT). We will have telescopes available for public viewing.

When is it?
The next transit of Venus occurs June 5, 2012, depending on your location. This event will be viewable from Great Basin National Park starting at 3:00PM (PDT) on June 5, 2012. This will be the last transit of Venus to occur in your lifetime.

What should I do?
The park will have special safe solar telescopes to view the transit, as well as, a chance to build your own solar viewing telescope!

Remember to never look at the sun directly or through any type of magnifying device unless it is specially designed for solar viewing.

Source data: Chuck Bueter www.transitofvenus.org

Did You Know?

Mountain Lion

Great Basin National Park's mountain lions feed primarily on mule deer but also include porcupines, rabbits, bighorn sheep, beaver, elk, marmots, and small rodents in their diets.