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  • Multiple Days: 05/20/2016, 05/21/2016, 05/22/2016

    Location: Baker, NV | Map Fee Information: FREE Contact Name: Gretchen Baker Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 775-234-7541

Help document what birds are using the park at different elevations during a fun, science-filled weekend. There is no cost for this event. The Bird BioBlitz will be part of the NPS Centennial Celebration, as we support learning about biodiversity in our national parks.

The BioBlitz will include bird walks, talks, activities, and demonstrations. We will be concentrating on four main areas:

Birding: Learn about the world of birding in the remote Great Basin

Bird Science: Learn about the science used in ornithology

Bird Conservation: Learn how we apply bird science and bird observations to real-life issues

Bird Photography: Take photos of birds in the park to serve as vouchers (definitive proof that they exist in the park). Over 80 species need to be vouchered.

To be added to the mailing list for the BioBlitz and receive updates, please contact Gretchen_Baker@nps.gov.

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