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  • Road Work at Great Basin National Park

    Road work will begin in Upper Lehman and Wheeler Peak Campgrounds. Campgrounds will be open but may be noisy and have large vehicles on the roads. The Scenic Drive is open with up to 15 min delays due to road work. Click more for details. Updated 9/9/14 More »

  • Snake Creek Road and Campsites Closed

    The Snake Creek Road will be closed from the park boundary into the park to begin work on campsites, trails and restroom improvements. Work will continue until snow closes the project. Work will resume in Spring 2015.

Current Conditions - Great Basin National Park

Updated September 11, 2014

Conditions can change rapidly - especially in the shoulder seasons and winter. Contact Great Basin National Park at 775-234-7331 for the most up-to-date information.


Park Roads

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive
Open - Expect Delays up 15 minutes for road work.
Baker Creek Road
Lexington Arch Road
Snake Creek Road
Closed - Improvements to the campsites, restrooms, parking areas, trails and trailheads are being made. Work will continue until winter closure and resume in 2015.
Strawberry Creek Road
Open (ungraded dirt road)

*Note: In the spring and fall, roads may be closed temporarily due to snow.

Road Work
Check here for weekly updates every Tuesday afternoon.

Beginning July 8,2014 and continuing through the end of August there will be road work at Great Basin National Park. Throughout the park, paved roads and parking lots will have road cracks repaired and a chip seal applied. Delays of up to 15 minutes can be expected during the work.

Week of September 16th - Road work on Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive is scheduled to be completed today, 9/16.

September 16th Road work on Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive will be completed today. There may be delays up to 15 minutes.

Road work will begin in Wheeler Peak Campground and Lower Lehman Creek Campground at vacant sites. Campgrounds will remain open, during road work, camping is allowed. There will be noise and large vehicles in the campgrounds working on campground roads and vacant campsites. Please use caution when driving through the campground. Keep children and pets away from all active road work areas for safety.


Visitor Centers

Lehman Cave Visitor Center - Open Daily 8:00am to 4:30pm
Great Basin Visitor Center - Open Daily 8:00am to 5:00pm through September 30th
Open Thursday through Monday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. October 2nd through 18th. (Closed October 1st)


Lehman Cave Tours

Lehman Cave Tours
Grand Palace Tour (ages 5 & older)
9:00am and 1:00pm

Lodge Room Tour (all ages)
11:00am and 3:00pm

For detailed tour information please our Lehman Cave page. Tickets for tours up to 30 days in advance may be purchased by calling 775-234-7517 from 9:00am to 4:00pm (Pacific time) Monday through Friday. Same day tickets are available in person only.

Ranger Programs

Astronomy Festival - September 18-20, 2014

Astronomy Programs - Saturday nights in September and October.



Lower Lehman Creek
Upper Lehman Creek
Baker Creek
Wheeler Peak
Open - Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive past Upper Lehman Campground is closed to single vehicles or trailers in excess of 24 feet in length.
Grey Cliffs Loop A
Open (no water)
Strawberry Creek Campground
Open (no water)
Grey Cliffs Group Campground
Open - call 775-234-7512 for information and reservations.
RV Dump Station

Fee: $12.00 per night and $6.00 for Golden Age/Access pass holders, except for the Strawberry Creek campground which is free. Click for detailed campground information.


Weather and Road Conditions

Great Basin National Park Weather
Wheeler Peak Snow Conditions (10,147ft)

Nevada Road Conditions or call 511 or 1-877-NV-ROADS
Utah Road Conditions call 511 or 1-866-511-UTAH


Hiking Trails

The Lexington Arch road and trail is closed.

All hiking trails, except the Lexington Arch trail, in the park are open. Weather can change quickly at any altitude - be prepared!

Most trails are at high altitude and have steep elevation gains. Be watchful for signs of altitude sickness. If you are feeling sick, descend in altitude. Due to the high altitude, sun exposure can be factor, and bring hats and sunscreen. Monitor weather and wear proper clothing. When hiking at high altitude be prepared for rain, hail, or snow storms. Temperatures and visibility can drop rapidly during the wind and storm events.

Please use the trail registers to document your hikes.

Click for detailed trail information.


Fire Conditions

Have safe campfires in the campgrounds. Make sure it's "dead out" before leaving the campsite or before going to sleep. For campfire safety tips see here.

There are no prescribed fires planned at this time. No fires are allowed above 10,000 feet.

Did You Know?

Great Basin Rattlesnake

Great Basin rattlesnakes (Crotalus oreganus lutosus) are the only venomous snake species in Great Basin National Park. These rattlesnakes rarely exceed 40 inches in total length, reproduce every two to three years, and feed primarily on rodents and lizards.