• Promontory Summit, UT Last Spike Site

    Golden Spike

    National Historic Site Utah

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  • GPS Units

    Visitors relying on GPS Units, in order to direct them to our site, need to be cautious once they turn off State Highway 83. Several different GPS systems have misdirected visitors headed to our site. Road signs are more reliable as you approach the site. More »

For Teachers

School Group Performing a Reenactment
If you are a teacher and would like your class to participate in a field trip to Golden Spike NHS please call to make arrangements at least two weeks prior to your anticipated visit. One of the Park Rangers overseeing this program can be reached at 435-471-2209 ext. 29.

SCHOOL GROUP RESERVATIONS. To make reservations for a school field trip please click on the links to download your application for fee waiver to help in the process of arranging your field trip.

Fee Waiver Application

Easy Steps to Make a Reservation

Did You Know?

Golden Spike presentation during reenactment

They did not drive the Golden Spike. It was made of 17.6 carat gold, and would not have survived a blow from a spike maul. More...