Things To Know Before You Come

Before you arrive, be sure to check the Trust for Governors Island's website for additional information.

Island Rules:

  • The following are not permitted on Governors Island: pets, alcohol, controlled substances, weapons, or explosives.
  • Visitors are also not permitted to cook on Governors Island or swim in New York Harbor except by permit.
  • Limited leisure bicycling is permitted only on designated paths and in designated areas of the Island. All bicyclists shall cycle at their own risk and comply with all of The Trusts's bicycle rules. Speed limits are enforced.
  • Biking is not permitted at Soissons Dock, Nolan Park, or inside Fort Jay.
  • All visitors and packages are subject to search. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The Trust and its agents reserve the right to deny access to the Island at their discretion.
  • Fishing is permitted on Governors Island in the designated area along the western promenade. Fishing is catch and release ONLY.
  • Drones are allowed on Governors Island and flown over Trust property. They should not be flown over National Park Service property (Fort Jay, Castle Williams and the area between the two forts). Call or write before you visit, we'll help keep you out of trouble.

Did You Know?