• Visitors tour Castle Williams.

    Governors Island

    National Monument New York

Getting Around

Getting around on Governors Island:

  • Governors Island is a walking island. Motorized vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, etc., are not permitted.
  • Bicycling is permitted throughout the island with the exceptions of Soissons Dock, Nolan Park, and inside the courtyard of Fort Jay. Learn more about cycling on Governors Island, including bike tours.

Did You Know?

Author Janet Lambert and books she wrote while living on Governors Island.

Janet Lambert (1893-1973) was a military wife for over 30 years, and an actress and author of 54 books of young adult fiction for girls in the 1940s and 50s. She wrote about the lives and the coming of age choices between career or family by daughters of U.S. Army families during World War II and the Korean War-era. She wrote many of her books while living on Governors Island.