• Officers at Fort Jay, 1912.

    Governors Island

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  • Castle Williams power outage

    A portion of the island electrical system has failed, leaving Castle Williams without power. This condition will last several weeks. Castle roof tours are suspended and Castle interiors are closed to the public. The courtyard remains open Wed-Sun.

  • July 4th - Governors Island Closes at 6 PM - No Fireworks Viewing

    The island will close at its regular time at 6 PM on Friday, July 4th. There will be no viewing of the Macy fireworks display in the East River from the island.

Autumn Bird Census from National Public Lands Day 2010

September 25, 2010 - National Public Lands Day

Hazy overcast to sunny, humid, 70-85 degrees

The Governors Island unit of the National Park Service marked National Public Lands Day with several events, including a bike tour from Grants Tomb to Governors Island. I chipped in by conducting a bird census program. Ryan, Lori, Dan, Gloria and Gloria's partner (sorry I never got your name!), and I counted birds in all areas of the Historic District except Ft. Jay. We missed the fort only because we ran out of time. It was not a very good day for birding. Not only were there very few migrants, but year-round residents seemed in short supply as well. Despite that, we had a wonderful time touring the island. Ryan gets credit for spotting the belted kingfisher, which I've never seen on the island before.

9:30-10:30 am & 1:15-4:00 pm

Before and after the census program I counted birds in the remaining areas of the island (Ft. Jay & the entire perimeter), on my own in the morning and with Lori in the afternoon.

The following table shows the total numbers for the day by combining the tallies from the morning census program and the tallies from Lori's and my outtings before and after the official census program.

Double-crested cormorant 20
Black-crowned night heron 7 (6 adult, 1 immature)
Canada goose 21
American black duck 8
American kestrel 2
Great black-backed gull 3
Mourning dove 15
Belted kingfisher 1
Downy woodpecker 1 (female)
Northern flicker 3
Blue jay 4
Barn swallow 1
Robin 14
Mockingbird 1
Brown thrasher 1
Starling 1
Palm warbler 4
Pine warbler 5 (4 female, 1 male)
Northern cardinal 3
Dark-eyed junco (slate colored) 1
House sparrow 7

Did You Know?

Civil War-era drummer boys

Approximately two-thirds of the army musicians (drummers and fifers) trained and posted to Governors Island from 1836 to the 1870s were below the age of 21.