• View of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands, looking towards San Francisco at sunrise.

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Marin Headlands Access

Accessible Features


Accessible Parking at Many Locations

Accessible Restroom Facilities, Vault Toilets and Portable Toilets

Accessible Overlooks

Accessible Picnic Area

Generally Accessible Visitor's Center

Beach wheelchairs are available upon request. Click here for beach wheelchair reservations.

ASL Interpreters are available for Ranger Led Tours, click here for more information about ASL interpreters.

Upon Arrival:

Marin Headlands is a vast area located just North of the Golden Gate Bridge. To obtain more information or driving directions, as much of the park is accessed by vehicle, visit the Marin Headlands Visitor Center. Click here for a map.

Inside the Park:

Northwest Bridge Parking Lot:

This parking lot contains two accessible parking stalls.

Battery Spencer:

Battery Spencer is a heavily visited site. There are two accessible parking stalls and the overlook adjacent to the parking area contains an accessible surface and accessible benches. The trail beyond is this area is usable. On your right, you will encounter an accessible vault toilet. As you proceed along the trail the running slope will increase drastically, please proceed with caution.


If you continue past Battery Spencer there are accessible overlooks that contain accessible parking stalls and benches.

Kirby Cove Campground:

Currently, Kirby Cove provides a usable camp site that contains raised tent pads. The vault toilets are accessible and there is a usable day use area. To make reservations please call 1-877-444-6777 or go online: http://www.recreation.gov.

Conzelman Road Roundabout:

Adjacent to the roundabout is a parking lot that contains an accessible parking space and an accessible vault toilet.

Hawk Hill Overlook:

Hawk Hill provides visitors with accessible parking stalls, curb ramps, accessible portable toilet and accessible routes throughout the overlook.

Upper Fisherman's Parking Lot:

The area contains an accessible parking space and accessible vault toilet

Point Bonita:

As you arrive at Point Bonita turnaround you will find accessible parking stalls and an accessible portable toilet. The trail leading to the Point Bonita Lighthouse contains extreme running slopes. Point Bonita offers a cell phone tour. Click here for more information about Point Bonita.

Battery Mendell:

Accessible parking is available at the Point Bonita turnaround along with an accessible portable toilet. The trail leading to Battery Mendell is generally accessible.

Battery Alexander and Battery Smith-Guthrie:

There are two accessible parking spaces, an accessible vault toilet, accessible outdoor route to the trailhead and an accessible trail loop that is approximately 1/2 of a mile.

Battery Wallace:

There is an accessible parking stall, vault toilet and picnic area at Battery Wallace. The picnic area contains three accessible picnic tables located in accessible routes. There three additional accessible tables located on concrete pads that are not connected to accessible routes. There are accessible bbq grills as well.

Nike Site:

Click here to visit the Nike Missile Site Accessibility page.

Marin Headlands Visitor Center:

As you arrive at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center you will find a designated accessible parking space. To the left is a restroom facility that is generally accessible. On your right is a ramp leading to the Visitor's Center. This ramp has an excessive running slope, please proceed with caution. The interior of the Visitor Center is accessible to people using wheelchairs. There are some exhibits that are tactile and there are some exhibits that provide audio recordings for visitors with vision impairments.

Rodeo Valley Trail:

This is an accessible trail that is approximately 1.5 miles. The surface is a compacted chert. The trail contains grades less than 8.33% and cross slopes less than 3%. There is no designated parking for this trail; however, there is a usable area for which a visitor can park adjacent to building T1111, northeast of the Rodeo Lagoon.

Rodeo Beach:

As you pass the Rodeo lagoon you will arrive at a large paved parking lot. Here there are accessible parking stalls, an accessible restroom facility and an accessible picnic area. There are additional accessible parking stalls located near the beach entry point.

There is an accessible trail leading to the Lagoon Bridge. At the top of the trail is a lookout point with two accessible benches.

Click here to request a beach wheelchair. Segments of the Lagoon Trail are accessible.

Fort Cronkhite:

Most of the historic buildings within Fort Cronkhite are not open to the public or are managed by our park partners. If you are trying to access one of our park partner buildings, please contact them directly.


Click here for more information about the Marin Headlands. The National Park Service is striving to make your experience as accessible as possible. Please click here to email comments and suggestions or call the Headlands Visitor's Center at 415-332-1540. Individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, deaf/blind or have speech disabilities may utilize the following Federal Relay Service numbers:

(800) 877-8339 Federal Relay Service

(877) 877-6280 VCO

(877) 877-8982 Speech to Speech

(800) 845-6136 Spanish

(866) 893-8340 TeleBraille

Upcoming Projects:

Battery Spencer:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area has begun planning an accessibility improvement project at Battery Spencer which will increase access to the top of Battery Spencer and will provide programmatic access to all interpretive material.

Kirby Cove:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is creating planning documents to upgrade Kirby Cove to an Accessible Campground complete with accessible parking, 2 accessible campsites, and an accessible day use area.

Hawk Hill:

A project is underway that will provide an accessible route and trail to Hawk Hill. The project will also address the accessibility issues pertaining to the waysides. Design Documents have been created.

Battery Wallace:

Design Documents have been created to increase access to this area. Accessible parking, an accessible vault toilet, picnicking, and waysides will be included.

Point Bonita:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is investigating programmatic alternatives to increase access to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.

Marin Headlands Visitor's Center:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is working our park partners to create an audio described tour of the Visitor Center.

Rodeo Beach:

As part of Project Headlands road improvements accessible stalls will be added at the paved parking area and adjacent to the beach access point.

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