GGNRA Official Map & Guide (Web Edition)

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Official Map & Guide (Web Edition)

Now you can obtain a copy of our official map and guide online. Pick up a copy of our web edition now prior to your visit to the park.

Click here to download a copy of the GGNRA Official Map & Guide (Web Edition).

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Presidio of San Francisco Map (Thumbnail)

Presidio of San Francisco Pad Map
(Updated February 2013)

Map of the Presidio of San Francisco. It includes features such as Fort Point National Historic Site, Crissy Field Center, Warming Hut, Presidio Visitor Center and more.

Overview map for the Golden Gate National Parks (thumbnail)


Map of the GGNRA Park Boundaries
Overall Golden Gate National Parks boundaries map, showing all areas covered, between Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo Counties.
Close-up map of the Golden Gate National Parks (thumbnail)


Map of Areas of Interests

This is a close-up map of the Golden Gate National Parks, featuring sites specific to the general San Francisco Bay Area. Sites include: Alcatraz, Muir Woods National Monument, Fort Point National Historic Site, Marin Headlands, Point Bonita Lighthouse, NIKE Missile Site, Fort Baker, Fort Mason, Presidio of San Francisco, Cliff House, Lands End, Ocean Beach, China Beach, Baker Beach, and even Fort Funston.

Marin Headlands map

Marin Headlands/Fort Baker Color Map
(Updated April 2015)

Trail map of the Marin Headlands. Includes features such as Point Bonita Lighthouse, NIKE Missile Site, Marin Headlands Visitor Center, Cavallo Point-The Lodge at Golden Gate, Institute at the Golden Gate, the Marine Mammal Center, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Fort Baker, Tennessee Valley, and Fort Cronkhite. The insets on the back give zoomed-in detail for Fort Cronkhite to Fort Barry and south to Point Bonita, and all of Fort Baker.

thumbnail of Fort Mason map


Map of Fort Mason

Includes features such as Fort Mason Center, Black Point Battery, Hostelling International, Pacific West Region Information Center, Park Headquarters for Golden Gate National Parks and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Map of the Phleger Estate Trail (thumbnail)


Phleger Estate Map

Trail map of the Phleger Estate located in Woodside, California located in San Mateo County.

Map of Muir Woods Trail (thumbnail)


Trail Map of Muir Woods

Trail map of Muir Woods, providing additional information about other trails within the area and how to contact Muir Woods.

Map of Crissy Field & Vicinity (thumbnail)

Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Map of Crissy Field and vicinity
Includes features such as the Warming Hut, Crissy Field Center, the Historic Airfield, Tidal Marsh, and the West Bluff Picnic Area.
portion of Lands End map


Map of Lands End
Includes features such as the Lands End Lookout, Sutro Height District, the Cliff House, Point Lobos and Mile Rock Overlook.

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