• View of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands, looking towards San Francisco at sunrise.

    Golden Gate

    National Recreation Area California

2003-2004 Projects

Golden Gate National Recreation Area is working to reduce the wildland fire danger in and around the park. To do this, the park is cooperating with a number of local organizations on projects that reduce the amount of hazardous fuels. For further information on hazardous fuels and how they affect the community please read our Hazardous Fuels Project bulletin.

For information about specific projects click on a project site below.

A - Muir Beach | B - Tamalpais Valley
C - Tennessee Valley | D - Wolfback Ridge | E - Fort Baker
Map showing the location of various mechanical treatment projects within Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Did You Know?

Franklin Street at Fort Mason

By the 1850s, Fort Mason was established as a military installation and the buildings on Franklin Street, constructed between 1864 and 1913, are some of the earliest remaining buildings at Fort Mason.