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34th America's Cup Event

The National Park Service and the U.S. Coast Guard, in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Presidio Trust, have jointly developed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the 34th America's Cup Races. The races would impact the lands and waters administered by federal government. This analysis is being done under the provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

In August 2012 a Finding of No Significant Impact and Errata were released, completing the NEPA process.

The America's Cup races are proposed to take place in Summer-Fall 2013, with preliminary "World Series" races in Summer-Fall 2012. The four action alternatives examine a specified race area, spectator venues and secondary viewing areas, and race-related water-based developments. You can learn more by visiting the park's public PEPC site or the AC34 project website.

Preferred Alternative
Alternative E (the Preferred Alternative) was developed through the federal team's participation in a Choosing by Advantage (CBA) process, used specifically by the NPS, and includes elements taken from other action alternatives. It also incorporates project sponsor-proposed revisions that have emerged in the time since the analysis began. Alternative E would involve no public AC34 programmed activities at Crissy Field, Presidio Trust Lands, Fort Mason, Alcatraz Island, Fort Baker, or the Marin Headlands. At San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, the Preferred Alternative includes the opportunity for some AC34 programmed activities on weekends. Protection measures developed for Alcatraz Island nesting seabirds include a 2000' vertical and 1000' horizontal buffer for helicopters.

Race times have been reduced which in some cases will lessen impacts to recreational users. The types, locations, and dates of Alternative E 2012 race events are also slightly different from the other alternatives, while those of 2013 remain unchanged.

Information related to this project released by the City and County of San Francisco will be posted on the following websites:
Office of Economic and Workforce Development

America's Cup San Francisco
San Francisco Planning Department

Did You Know?

Melange blocks at the Presidio

Mélange underlies much of Golden Gate and is a mixture of rocks created by tectonic activity in and near a subduction zone.