• View of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands, looking across the bay back towards San Francisco, seen in the distance.

    Golden Gate

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  • Winter Surf Warning

    Every year people drown in the surf off Northern California beaches - don't let it be you! Be extra alert on park beaches during the winter storm season. Do not turn your back on the shoreline and watch for extra powerful “sneaker” waves.

Nonnative Species

Jubata carpeting the Marin coast and killing off native flora and fauna

Jubata grass carpeting the Marin coast and killing off local flora and fauna

NPS photo

As human have traveled around the earth, they have purposefully and accidentally brought plants and animals with them and introduced them to new continents. Natural barriers to the movement of plants and animals include large bodies of water, large deserts, and mountain ranges. World wide, introduced species are directly behind habitat destruction in causing species extinction around the globe.

A healthy ecosystem requires a balance of plants, insects, herbivores, and carnivores which have evolved together in a system. Local habitats are the "ecological houses" of the world, and the loss of local plants and animals are a serious threat to global biodiversity. The San Francisco Bay Area is considered one of the top 25 biodiversity hotspots on the planet. Invasive species and their removal are an economic burden to land managers around the world, but here at Golden Gate they are also threatening native biological richness that rivals that of the Equatorial rainforests! Through educating themselves about invasive species, park visitors can truly learn to celebrate local nature.

Did You Know?

solar panels at GGNRA

For over a decade, Golden Gate National Recreation Area has worked to decrease its impact on the environment by implementing numerous sustainable practices. More...