• View of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands, looking towards San Francisco at sunrise.

    Golden Gate

    National Recreation Area California

Answers - Living With Trash

Banana peel

1. Banana peel will take letter C, "3 to 5 weeks to decompose."

A single cigarette butt extinguished on the floor.

2. Cigarette butt will take letter B, "10 years to decompose."

An unmarked aluminum soda can.

3. Aluminum can will take letter A, "100 years to decompose."

An image of a sea turtle that was caught up in a plastic six-pack holder and eventually grew with it's midsection confined to the narrow space.

4. Plastic six-pack holder will take letter C, "450 years to decompose."

Image of green glass bottles.

5. Glass bottles will take letter C, "Forever to decompose."


Did You Know?

Fort Mason Officers Club circa 1930s

The Fort Mason’s Officer Club was built in 1877 as the commanding officers’ residence and up through 1943, has been the home of virtually every significant general officer in the western states including Irvin McDowell, Nelson Miles, Arthur MacArthur, Frederick Funston and John Dewitt.