Fire Management Plan: Operational Strategy - April 2008

The Fire Management Plan (FMP) for Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) is an operational manual containing the standards, practices and guidelines in use by the Fire Management Branch of the Law Enforcement Division of GGNRA for conducting actions within the 15,700 acres of primary jurisdiction (see Figure 1 - GGNRA Lands [696 KB PDF]). The legislative boundary of GGNRA is much larger than the area of primary jurisdiction and covers 74,816 acres in Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo counties. The majority of these lands are administered by agencies other than the National Park Service (NPS) such as the California State Department of Park and Recreation, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (San Francisco Watershed Lands), the Presidio Trust, the San Mateo County Division of Parks, and the Marin Municipal Water District. An additional 15,400 acres of GGNRA lands on Bolinas Ridge in Marin County are managed by Point Reyes National Seashore (PRNS) under an agreement between PRNS and GGNRA; this area is covered in the PRNS FMP.

For purposes of the FMP, GGNRA will be used to refer to the 15,700 acres directly managed by the NPS through GGNRA and those parcels that will soon pass to the management of GGNRA. The latter category includes Cattle Hill and Pedro Point in the San Mateo County adjacent to the City of Pacifica.

The FMP provides a framework for prioritizing, developing and implementing the fire management group's prevention and fuels reduction programs, conducting prescribed burns with resource benefit objectives and advance planning for response to wildland fires within the jurisdictional area. The FMP was built upon guidance provided by the fire management section (Chapter 4, Section 5) of the NPS Management Policies (2006) and the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy (2001). Federal wildland fire policy stresses the importance of the protection of the lives and safety of firefighters and the public, public and private property, and the protection, restoration and rehabilitation of the natural and cultural resources on federally-managed lands.

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Complete Document (17,489 KB PDF)

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Chapters 1 through 4, including Cover, Table of Contents and Executive Summary (3,407 KB PDF)

Cover (556 KB PDF)
Signatures Page (532 KB PDF)
Table of Contents (539 KB PDF)
Introduction (701 KB PDF)
Chapter 1. Foundation of the FMP (721 KB PDF)
Chapter 2. Fire Management Strategies (2,190 KB PDF)
Chapter 3. Fire Management Program Components (1,116 KB PDF)
Chapter 4. Roles, Funding and Review (627 KB PDF)

Appendices (14,623 KB PDF)

Appendix A. References and Contributors (559 KB PDF)
Appendix B. Species of Concern (1,074 KB PDF)
Appendix C. GGNRA FMP Record of Decision (625 KB PDF)
Appendix D. FMP Mitigation Measures (609 KB PDF)
Appendix E. Supplemental Information (13,263 KB PDF)

Appendix E Part 1. GGNRA Run Card (559 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 2. Daily Resource Availability/Officer Duty Call Sheet (556 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 3. Weather Information Management System Walk-through (548 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 4. GGNRA Dispatch Protocol for Wildland Fire (572 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 5. NFDRS Indices and Park Visitor Fire Restrictions (SOP PR-37) (553 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 6. Fire Step-up Plan (585 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 7. Bay Area Network Parks Burn Index Graph (1,349 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 8. Delegation from Superintendent GGNRA to Network FMO (568 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 9. Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA) Radio Talk Group Matrix (547 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 10. MIST Guidelines (626 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 11. Wildland Fire Situation Analysis (813 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 12. Incident Complexity Analysis: Types 5, 4 and Transition to Type 3 Incident (555 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 13. Redbook Complexity Analysis - Types 1 and 2 (587 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 14. Minimum Tool Flow Chart (748 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 15. Example of Delegation of Authority Form (538 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 16. Briefing Checklist Template (534 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 17. Briefing to the Incident Management Team Template (600 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 18. Prescribed Fire Plan Template (678 KB PDF)
Appendix E Part 19. BAAQMD Application for Pile Burning (584 KB PDF)

Appendix E Part 20. FMU Maps of Past and Proposed Fire Management Projects (3,508 KB PDF)

Map of Marin County FMU (2,050 KB PDF)
Maps of San Francisco County and San Mateo County FMUs (1,987 KB PDF)

Appendix E Part 21. Ignition Index and Fuel Hazard Rating (587 KB PDF)

Appendix E Part 22. GGNRA FMU Vegetation Maps (6,621 KB PDF)

Map of Vegetation in Marin County FMU (3,947 KB PDF)
Map of Vegetation in San Francisco County and San Mateo County FMUs (3,190 KB PDF)

Appendix F. Wildland and Prescribed Fire Monitoring and Research Plan (in preparation)
Appendix G. Fire Communication and Education Plan (in preparation)

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