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Mechanical Treatment Projects Tamalpais Valley

For information about the May 9th, 2004 fire near Tamalpais Valley see our Tam Fire Bulletin. For tips on how to protect your home from a wildland fire visit our Defensible Space page.

Information on this page concerns 2003 fire hazard reduction projects:

Please read our Hazardous Fuels Bulletin for general information concerning projects.

Three projects in Tamalpais Valley began Mid-August 2003 and accomplished the following goals:

  • Improve emergency access along fire roads.
  • Add emergency evacuation routes through improved fire roads.
  • Improve defensible space around Tamalpais Valley homes.
  • Improve habitat for the recovery of native species.
  • Reduce over-all fuel loading to reduce the chance of catastrophic fire.
  • Reduce vegetation that can carry fire into tree-crowns.

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A - Upper Tam / Miwok Trail | B - Marin Drive / Miwok Fire Road | C - Marin View

Map of 2003 Mechanical Treatment Project Locations in Tamalpais Valley

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