Your Dollars At Work - Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Barracks Building

Funded by your Recreation Fees, the Alcatraz Historic Structures Stabilization project completed several rehabilitation projects on Alcatraz Island. These projects removed loose concrete and rust; weatherproofed windows and door openings; repaired deteriorated roofing; and stabilized walls, floors and structures. These efforts have helped prevent further deterioration of the buildings on Alcatraz.

Guard Tower on New Industries Building

Guard Tower to be rehabilitated and remounted on to the Alcatraz New Industries Building.


Future Recreation Fee dollars will fund new projects on Alcatraz Island, including; rehabilitation and reinstallation of a historic guard tower; replace roofing on the Cellhouse; stabilize the Quartermaster Building; weatherize the Barracks Building; and replace dilapidated guardrails and fencing.



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