• View of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands, looking across the bay back towards San Francisco, seen in the distance.

    Golden Gate

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The 1915 World's Fair

The 1915 World's Fair took place in San Francisco at what is today the Presidio and the Marina District. Officially called the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the fair celebrated the successful 1914 completion of the Panama Canal, which connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Locally, the 1915 World's Fair was San Francisco's opportunity to prove that the city, by then fully recovered from its devastating 1906 earthquake, was open for business.

Photo of the Avenue of the Palms at the 1915 World's Fair
The scale and design of the fair were exceptional. The Tower of Jewels, shown here at the center of the photograph, reached 40 stories skyward and held 102,000 pieces of multicolored glass that were illuminated by electric lights at night.
PARC, Golden Gate

For Further Reading:

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Did You Know?

Horseshoe Cove at Fort Baker

During World War II, Fort Baker’s Horseshoe Cove was home to the Mine Planting Depot, where soldiers loaded dynamite into electrically-triggered mines that were then arranged in the water just outside the Golden Gate Bridge.