• View of the Golden Gate Bridge, taken from the Marin Headlands, looking towards San Francisco at sunrise.

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  • Tunnel Closure

    The Barry/Baker tunnel on Bunker Road will be closed for maintenance during the weeks of 6/2 and 6/9. The tunnel will be open on the weekends. Please use Conzelman Road instead. More »

  • Muir Beach Overlook closure

    The Muir Beach Overlook will be closed for Accessibility improvements and trail upgrades from June 2 through July 21. Alternate viewpoints are available along Highway 1 between there and Stinson Beach.

Alcatraz Island National Historic Landmark Cultural Landscape Report

Alcatraz Island National Historic Landmark Cultural Landscape Report

Prepared by Mundus Bishop, Landscape Architecture and Planning, for the National Park Service and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy; December 2010.


Chapter 2: Site History
Chapter 2 A (PDF file, 4,300 kb)
Chapter 2 B (PDF file, 9,100 kb)
Chapter 2 C (PDF file, 6,400 kb)
Chapter 2 D (PDF file, 12,000 kb)
Chapter 2 E (PDF file, 5,700 kb)
Chapter 2 F (PDF file, 300 kb)


Chapter 3: Existing Conditions Assessment
Chapter 3 A (PDF file, 10,000 kb)
Chapter 3 B (PDF file, 6,700 kb)
Chapter 3 C (PDF file, 9,700 kb)
Chapter 3 D (PDF file, 7,700 kb)
Chapter 3 E (PDF file, 8,000 kb)
Chapter 3 F (PDF file, 7,600 kb)
Chapter 3 G (PDF file, 7,900 kb)
Chapter 3 H (PDF file, 8,400 kb)
Chapter 3 I (PDF file, 5,600 kb)
Chapter 3 J (PDF file, 3,500 kb)
Chapter 3 K (PDF file, 7,100 kb)
Chapter 3 L (PDF file, 7,900 kb)
Chapter 3 M (PDF file, 5,400 kb)


Chapter 4: Landscape Analysis
Chapter 4 A (PDF file, 7,000 kb)
Chapter 4 B (PDF file, 1,700 kb)
Chapter 4 C (PDF file, 8,800 kb)
Chapter 4 D (PDF file, 3,200 kb)
Chapter 4 E (PDF file, 3,500 kb)
Chapter 4 F (PDF file, 3,100 kb)
Chapter 4 G (PDF file, 8,500 kb)
Chapter 4 H (PDF file, 2,500 kb)
Chapter 4 I (PDF file, 3,900 kb)
Chapter 4 J (PDF file, 3,400 kb)
Chapter 4 K (PDF file, 6,800 kb)


Chapter 5: Management Issues (PDF file, 1,000 kb)


Chapter 6: Treatment Recommendations
Chapter 6 A (PDF file, 1,600 kb)
Chapter 6 B (PDF file, 18,000 kb)
Chapter 6 C (PDF file, 3,000 kb)
Chapter 6 D (PDF file, 17,500 kb)
Chapter 6 E (PDF file, 6,800 kb)
Chapter 6 F (PDF file, 8,200 kb)
Chapter 6 G (PDF file, 5,600 kb)
Chapter 6 H (PDF file, 6,800 kb)
Chapter 6 I (PDF file, 9,500 kb)
Chapter 6 J (PDF file, 17,000 kb)


Did You Know?

Photo of gull chicks breaking our of an egg in a nest.

After incubation lasting four weeks, a gull chick breaks out of its egg without assistance from its parents. At hatching, the chick is fully covered with down and is soon able to open its eyes and stand up to walk about the nest.