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Sensible Habitats

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Students exploring the natural ecosystem of the Fort Point area.


Grades K-1

Teachers new to Sensible Habitats must attend the Teacher Workshop on December 10, 2014.

Ever kiss a banana slug? From hillside to bayside, the environment around Fort Point National Historic Site displays an intriguing diversity of plant and animal life. Applying the senses, students engage in activities that help them develop an appreciation for terrestrial and aquatic habitats. They observe, describe, compare, and experience the wildlife to be found, from songbirds to rock crabs and all the little creatures in between.

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Program Description

Sensible Habitats utilizes a cooperative learning model. Lessons are organized so students can build on the knowledge they have already gained. The program helps meet California Science Standards for K-1.

  • Pre-visit activities initiate student thinking about the needs of living things. In the classroom, the teacher acts as a facilitator while the students begin to formulate their own ideas about life and habitats.
  • In the park, students continue their inquiry of living things and their needs. During their visit, students create their own criteria for living and non-living things, then, through further activities, examine their standards and re-evaluate their ideas.
  • Post-visit activities allow students to further examine their criteria and assumptions for living and non-living things and habitats. Through creative art, they demonstrate what they learned and how they learned during their national park experience.
What do we see, is it alive, how can we tell?

Did You Know?

Fossils clams from Alcatraz Island

Megafossils (fossils that can be observed with the unaided eye) are rare in Franciscan Complex rocks, but the rocks of “The Rock,” Alcatraz, have yielded significant examples.