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Lost and Found at Glen Echo Park

If you lost an item at Glen Echo Park, have you already retraced your steps? If not, please do so. If you still cannot find the item, then e-mail us.(Special Note: If you lost an item in the Spanish Ballroom, you will only be able to check the lost and found bin inside the ballroom during scheduled public events.)

When reporting a lost item, be sure to include the following information:

  • In e-mail subject line, list "Lost Item"
  • Date item lost
  • Where you think you may have lost the item, e.g., playground, parking lot, Spanish Ballroom, Bumper Car Pavilion, classroom location, not sure where lost item, etc. If you believe you lost an item in The Puppet Company, Adventure Theatre, or Living Classrooms/Discovery Creek Children's Museum, please contact the specific organization first before filing a lost report with the National Park Service.
  • Name, address, and phone number of person who lost the item
  • Item description - be detailed including color, style, brand name, size, whether or not the item - if clothing - would fit a male/female child or male/female adult

Thank you for providing this information. With it, we can help return misplaced items to their rightful owners.

In addition, non-valuable lost and found items are donated to a local thrift store each year on the following dates:

- June 30
- September 30
- December 30
- March 30