• Gloria Dei Church yard

    Gloria Dei Church

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

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The interior of the church includes: models of the ships Fogel Grip and Kalmar Nyckel, which are suspended from the ceiling. There are a few items that remain from the log church in Tinicum, including the Baptismal Font, the golden sprays on the lectern and pulpit, and the Cherubim below the organ. The organ itself was purchased in 1902 from the renowned Hook & Hastings firm of Boston (Gloria Dei was perhaps the first church in America where an organ was used, as early as 1703). A fine carving of the angel Gabriel (reflecting what is commonly found in Swedish churches) can also be seen inside Gloria Dei.

The bronze church bell was cast in 1806, its clapper is one which was used inside the old bell that pealed at the log cabin church over three hundred years ago. Many flags adorn the front of the building - the Episcopal Church's flag, the Swedish and American flags, and one reportedly designed by Benjamin Franklin prior to the Revolutionary War.

Buried in the cemetery are numerous members of George Washington's army, as well as the famous naturalist Alexander Wilson (the "Father of American Ornithology"). A black granite memorial honoring John Hanson (who served as the first elected president of the Continental Congress under the ratified Articles of Confederation in 1782-1783). can also be found in the cemetery.


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