• From Alstrom Point you can see Gunsight Butte, Padre Bay, and Navajo Mountain

    Glen Canyon

    National Recreation Area AZ,UT


2012 Park Newspaper (2.61Mb pdf)

2011 Park Newspaper (2.37Mb pdf)

2010 Park Newspaper (1.89Mb pdf)

2009 Park Newspaper (17Mb pdf)

2008 Park Newspaper (18.2Mb pdf)

2007 Park Newspaper (16.1 Mb pdf)

2006 Summer Newspaper (16.4 MB pdf)

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2005 Summer Newspaper (23.5 MB pdf)

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Be careful what you breathe. Boat generators, engines, and gas appliances produce deadly carbon monoxide gases. Ensure proper ventilation. Don't swim, sit, or work near exhaust.