• Sunset view of Glacier Bay and the surrounding Fairweather Mountains.

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

What to Bring

kayakers in front of Lamplugh Glacier

Gear for an Overnight Kayak Trip

  • Glacier Bay backcountry permit
  • kayak
  • paddle
  • spare paddle
  • gloves/ pogies
  • paddle jacket or rain jacket
  • hat (for rain or sun)
  • sunglasses
  • sunblock
  • water
  • water purification method
  • map
  • binoculars
  • camera
  • film
  • tent/ bivy sack
  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping pad
  • stove
  • fuel
  • cooking pan
  • food
  • synthetic (polypropylene) long underwear
  • wool and/or fleece clothing
  • bear-proof food canister
  • field guides(marine mammals, plants, stars, etc.)
  • VHF radio
  • flares
  • bear spray
tourboat visitors on bow

Gear for a Day Trip on the Tour Boat

Warm clothing including hat
Rain gear-including jacket, pants and hat

Camera and extra film and batteries
Sunblock and sunglasses
Field guides

Did You Know?

Stellar Sea Lions

The Steller Sea Lions that haul-out on South Marble Island are primarily males that were unsuccessful competing for females during the breeding season.