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Glacier Bay Cruise Ship 1998 Prospectus Administrative Record

Administrative Record

Glacier Bay Cruise Ship Prospectus (1,130 KB .pdf)
Issued February 19, 1998
For Cruise Ship Services in Glacier Bay 2000-2004

The following documents constitute the primary administrative record of decision for allocation of cruise ship entries under the solicitation for cruise ship services issued February 19, 1998 (Cruise Ship Prospectus) and are available for downloading. Please note that there may be additional records related to this topic available under the Freedom of Information Act. Please contact the Glacier Bay Concessions Office (David Nemeth, e-mail us, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve, P.O. Box 140, Gustavus, AK 99826, (907) 697-2624) for additional information.

Cruise Ship Prospectus (2000-2004 years) (2.1 MB .pdf)
December 1, 1998 Evaluation Panel Recommendations (initial offers) (62 KB .pdf)February 8, 1999 Evaluation Panel Recommendations (amended offers) (49 KB .pdf)
February 17, 1999 Final Decision Memorandum (168 KB .pdf)
February 17, 1999 Final Decision Press Release (51 KB .pdf)


Evaluation Document


Celebrity Cruise, Inc.

230 KB .pdf

1.6 MB .pdf

Crystal Cruises, Inc.

233 KB .pdf

3.8 MB .pdf

Cunard Line Limited

227 KB .pdf

1.2 MB .pdf

Discovery Shipping

231 KB .pdf

1.7 MB .pdf

Goldbelt, Inc.

227 KB .pdf

1.7 MB .pdf

HollandAmerica Line-Westours

239 KB .pdf

5.0 MB .pdf
or if you have problems, try parts
A (1.6 MB), B (2.3 MB) & C (1 MB)

Norwegian Cruise Line

231 KB .pdf

2.1 MB .pdf

Princess Cruises, Inc.

237 KB .pdf

1.6 MB .pdf

Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD.

231 KB .pdf

3.6 MB .pdf

West Travel, Inc.

235 KB .pdf

4.4 MB .pdf

World Explorer Cruises

236 KB .pdf

2.3 MB .pdf

YachtShip Cruiselines, Inc.

232 KB .pdf

2.5 MB .pdf

Proposal: These are the proposals (offers) submitted in response to the prospectus, minus materials marked not-for-release by the offeror, materials generally available to the public (brochures, books, annual reports, etc.), pollution minimization plans, videos, and attachments which duplicated information in the body of the proposal. Some of these materials would be available on request.

Evaluations Documents: These are the primary record of evaluation for each proposal, prepared by the NPS.

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Between Snow and Ice

One year of compacted snowflakes creates “firn,” a stage between snow and glacial ice. It takes years of refreezing and recrystallization to result in dense glacial ice.