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Charter Vessel Services Glacier Bay

This page provides information primarily for businesses interested in providing charter vessel services in Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. If you are interested in seeing a list of existing charter operators, please see the Park's list of Goods & Services.

Charter vessel means any motor vessel under 100 tons gross (U.S. System) or 2,000 tons gross (International Convention System) engaged in transport of passengers for hire and certified to carry no more than 12 passengers overnight and no more than 49 passengers for daytime use. Charter vessels also include any uninspected motor vessel measuring less than 200 tons gross (U.S. Tonnage "Simplified Measurement System") and not more than 24 meters (79 feet) in length engaged in transport of passengers for hire. [36 CFR Part 13 Subpart N-§ 13.1102 Definitions].

Glacier Bay National Park, Vessel Management Plan Regulations became effective on January 2, 2007 that revised the definition of a charter (above) and removed the limit of 312 "entries".

There is a daily limit of 6 charter vessels per day allowed in Glacier Bay Proper in June, July and August, seasonal quotas not applicable. Charter vessels are not subject to daily quotas from September through May. Charter vessel use days are allocated among fifteen existing concessioners under a concession contract (listed below).

Concession Services
Charter vessel concessioners are authorized to provide charter vessel services throughout Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve marine waters. Specific approval of the Superintendent is required for other services such as guided fresh water fishing, etc. Each charter operator is authorized a specific number of charter vessel use days into Glacier Bay Proper between June 1 and August 31.

Charter vessel concessioners need to schedule their prime season use days in Glacier Bay Proper advance.
New: 2014 Charter Vessel Schedule click here

Concessioners can view currently scheduled dates and check availability of future days. This schedule will be updated frequently and we recommend it be checked prior to contacting the Park to schedule dates. Concessioners should contact Marilyn Trump or Melanie Berg to schedule use days.

Authorized Charter Vessel Concessioners
The following is a list of Concessioners authorized to provide charter vessel services in Glacier Bay and a link to their concession contract:
Adventures Afloat
Alaska Yacht Charters
Chichagof Charters
Dolphin Charters
Fairweather Adventures
First Out, Last In Adventures
Alaska Glacier Guides
InnerSea Discoveries, L.L.C. (previously Gustavus Marine Charters)
Lisianski Charters
Snow Goose (Assignment Doocument), (previously Marine Adventure Sailing Tours)
Sea Wolf Adventures
Sound Sailing
Southeast Alaskan Adventures
Whale Song Adventures (Acceptance document for sale of Cross Sound Express concession contract)
Whale Song Adventures Contract (new contract owners of Cross Sound Express concession contract)
InnerSea Discoveries (previously Erin Ohlson/Woodwind Adventures)

Two concessioners are currently historical operators, as defined by ANILCA section 1307, which entitles them to non-competitively renew their permits, 36CFR, Sec. 13.305.

A prospectus was released and then updated 4/28/04 for charter vessel services to be provided in Glacier Bay. Click here to view the prospectus under which multiple concession contracts were awarded for the operation of charter vessel services within Glacier Bay National Park, or click here to read the press release summarizing the opportunity.

Incidental Services
Charter vessel services are also authorized under Commercial Use Authorizations(CUA) which allow charter services in marine waters west of Pt. Wimbledon, outside Glacier Bay proper and Dundas Bay all year and in Glacier Bay proper and Dundas Bay from September 1 - May 31.

Additional information about the CUA, park specific terms and conditions of this authorization and how to apply can be found on the Park's Commercial Visitor Services page.

We suggest that any prospective applicant contact the park concessions office to discuss their business plans prior to submitting the application form. In general charter services are not authorized on fresh water streams and lakes within the park.

All Commercial Vessel Services are authorized in accordance with the Park's Vessel Management Plan. The Vessel Management Plan also provides for vessel use restrictions aimed at protecting park resources (humpback whale feeding, seal pupping, etc.).

As a reminder, the conditions of a CUA and Concession contract require guides and/or boat operators to submit completed Activity Reports and Charter Fishing Survey Logbook Forms monthly, to be received not later than the 5th of every month for the previous month for all activity including fishing activity conducted within Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. This includes activity in the areas of North Passage and Icy Strait just outside Glacier Bay Proper as well as areas in North Inian Pass, Dundas Bay (CUA use allowed only between September 1-May 31), Icy Passage, Excursion Inlet and park waters out to three miles offshore along Glacier Bay National Park's outer coast. You can click on the "View Park Map" link at the Glacier Bay National Park web page to view the extent of the park boundaries http://www.nps.gov/glba. You can also request laminated NPS statistical area maps for your guides and permitted vessels by contacting Chad Soiseth at 697-2659 or by email: (e-mail us).

Fishing locations should be recorded on NPS Charter Fishing Survey Logbook Forms as indicated on the Reporting Areas maps.

If no fishing activity occurred in the prior month please note "No fishing" during relevant month in an email or on the submitted blank Logbook Form. Please submit completed forms and/or associated information to Concessions Specialist Marilyn Trump at the park address or by FAX (907.697.2654) or email (e-mail us).

We also wish to take this opportunity to briefly highlight a few topics relevant (see links below) to the health and well being of visiting National Park anglers, as well as some specific measures aimed at protecting and conserving park resources. These are posted with the objective of better informing you, your staff and Glacier Bay National Park visitors:


Charter Logbook Reporting Area Maps
Download Charter Logbook Reporting Areas .kmz File for Google Earth
Download Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Boundary .gpx File for Garmin GPS
Guide to Humpback Whale Approach Distances
Catch & Release Brochure
Guide to Eating Fish for Alaska Women and Children
Guide to Rockfish Conservation and Deepwater Release
NMFS; Marine Mammal Viewing Guidelines
ADF&G Sportfish Regulations
ADF&G News Release: Sport Anglers Prohibited From Using Felt Soles In fresh Waters of Alaska

The following are the reports to be completed by the Concessioner and/or the CUA holder and their due dates:
Activity Use Report form due by the 5th of each month in operation (Concessioners & CUAs)
Sportfish Report form due by the 5th of each month in operation (Concessioners & CUAs)
Annual Financial Report form due March 1 (Concessioners only)

Franchise Fees are due annually on or before November 1. (Concessioners only)

Forms are available on the Concession Report forms page.


Please note: .pdf files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat on your system, you may download and install the reader from Adobe Systems by clicking here.

Contact Concessions Specialists Marilyn Trump or Melanie Berg by e-mail or telephone (907) 697-2230 for more information.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Alaska is the size of: 114 Connecticuts; 277 Delawares; 88 Hawaiis; 69 Massachusetts'; 61 New Hamphires; 470 Rhode Islands or 2 Texas’. In fact, if Alaska were to split in half and form two states, Texas would drop from second largest state to third.