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Lodging-Bartlett Cove

This page includes information regarding the concession authorization for accommodations, food service and related services based in Bartlett Cove (near Gustavus). For a listing of all businesses that provide visitor services in and around the Park, see the Glacier Bay Visitor Service Directory on the Goods and Services page.

Glacier Bay Lodge, Bartlett Cove

Glacier Bay Lodge, Bartlett Cove

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Glacier Bay Lodge provides accommodations within the park, at Bartlett Cove. The Concessionaire also provides a daily boat tour into the West Arm of Glacier Bay during the summer operating season.


This fifty-six room lodge is operated under Concession Contract number GLBA001-04.pdf. The Concessioner, Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve Concessions, LLC, dba Glacier Bay Lodge & Tours, was selected on January 16, 2004 to operate this concession. In addition to operation of the lodge, the contract requires the following services:
Day Tour Vessel services;
Camper/Kayaker drop-off services;
Food and Beverage service (full service restaurant);
Fuel sales;
Bus transportation.

Glacier Bay Lodge operating dates for lodging and restaurant, day tours and camper drop-off service are approved by the National Park Service annually and are posted here as well as the approved rates for these services. Concessioner rates are approved by the National Park Service. Rates are based primarily on comparability with similar services outside the park. The Concessioner may charge less than the approved rates in accordance with the terms of the contract.

The following is an electronic copy of their concession contract and maintenance and Operating agreement for the Lodge operation:
Concession Contract number GLBA001-04.pdf.(408 KB)
Concession Contract GLBA001-04 Amendment No. 1
Concession Contract GLBA001-04 Amendment No. 2
Maintenance Plan, Exhibit H
Operating Plan, Exhibit B

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Contact Concessions Specialists Marilyn Trump or Melanie Berg by e-mail or telephone (907) 697-2230 for more information.

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