Tour Vessel Services

passengers on a tour boat in Glacier Bay

This page has specific information regarding Tour Vessel concession authorizations in Glacier Bay. For a listing of all companies that provide visitor services in and around Glacier Bay, please see the list of Goods and Services.

Tour vessel means any motor vessel of less than 100 tons gross (U.S. System) or 2,000 tons gross (International Convention System) engaged in transport of passengers for hire and certificated to carry more than 12 passengers overnight or more than 49 passengers for daytime use.

A maximum of three tour vessels per day are allowed in Glacier Bay (year around), seasonal limits not applicable.

All Commercial Vessel Services are authorized in accordance with the Park's Vessel Management Plan. The Vessel Management Plan also provides for vessel use restrictions aimed at protecting park resources (humpback whale feeding, seal pupping, etc.). Glacier Bay National Park, Vessel Management Plan Regulations became effective on January 2, 2007 that revised the definition of a tour vessel (above).

Prospectus Released/Contracts Awarded. Click here to view the prospectus under which multiple concession contracts were awarded to the companies listed above for the operation of tour vessel services within Glacier Bay National Park.

Tour Vessel contracts were awarded in 2005 to companies listed below. However, the prospectus will remain open throughout the term of the contract, January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2015. The opportunity to apply for tour vessel services into Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve shall remain open throughout the 2006-2015 contract term. This "open" solicitation allows companies to submit proposals at any time to propose services in the off-season (September - May), in marine areas where tour vessel use is not limited, or in order to utilize use-days which are relinquished by other operators.

The following is a list of Tour Vessel Concessioners and a link to their concession contract:
Alaskan Catamaran LLC
American Safari Cruises, LLC
American Cruise Lines, Inc.
Lindblad Special Expeditions

Contact Concessions Specialist Melanie Berg by e-mail or telephone (907) 697-2230 for more information.

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