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Be A Junior Ranger

Junior Rangers asking ranger a question about dunguness crab.
Junior rangers ask questions about Dungeness crab.
Glacier Bay Junior Rangers

Join the Team!

Are you ready for your Junior Ranger adventure to begin? Becoming a Junior Ranger is a special honor and there are some responsibilities that go with it.

  • If you come by plane or on your own boat: visit a ranger and the exhibits in the Visitor Center on the second floor of Glacier Bay Lodge.

  • If you come by cruise ship: look for someone wearing the badge and the ranger hat! Cruise ship children's centers offer a Junior Ranger Program over the course of the cruise. While in Glacier Bay, rangers present a special program to aspiring Junior Rangers.

  • If you come by tour vessel: meet with the ranger on board to learn about Glacier Bay.

  • If you are a virtual visitor: start learning all sorts of cool stuff about this national park right here.
Junior Ranger activity book

First pick up or retrieve a Junior Ranger booklet. By completing the steps and presenting your work to a ranger, you can earn a nifty Junior Ranger badge.

The world can always use another Junior Ranger!


Glacier Bay Web Ranger Virtual Visit
Hey kids! You can now explore the wonders of Glacier Bay through a virtual boat trip to the glaciers. Climb aboard the tour boat with a park ranger and discover what makes Glacier Bay so special.

Complete the workbook, send it in, and you might become the latest Glacier Bay National Park Web Ranger!

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