• Sunset view of Glacier Bay and the surrounding Fairweather Mountains.

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Distance Learning

Have you ever wanted to take your students into the wilds of Glacier Bay, Alaska, but your boat wasn't big enough? Well now our Park Rangers can bring Glacier Bay directly to YOU.

If your school has video conferencing equipment, your class has the opportunity to experience LIVE interactive visits with a park ranger at Glacier Bay National Park. During the program, students will be interacting with the ranger, answering and asking questions!

Our programs are curriculum-based (designed to meet Alaska state teaching standards) and are appropriate for grades K-5. The programs are free and a great way to introduce your students to this amazing national park and to the vast state of Alaska.

2015 Scheduling and Registration:
Glacier Bay National Park rangers are next available to present long distance programs in January and February, 2015.
We will start taking requests for the 2015 season on October 1, 2014. Please check back for more information on registering for a class at that time. We look forward to meeting your students via videoconferencing!

Other ways to connect your students to the wonders of Glacier Bay and other National Parks include:

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    Survivor Glacier Bay

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Did You Know?

Sea Otter

Since the early 1990's, the sea otter population in Glacier Bay has grown from 0 to 4,000. Look for large rafts of sea otters in the lower reaches of the bay.