• Sunset view of Glacier Bay and the surrounding Fairweather Mountains.

    Glacier Bay

    National Park & Preserve Alaska

Glacier Bay Youth Newsletter

Check out our Glacier Bay Youth Newsletter!

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Hey Students,
Would you like to learn more about the unique habitats and wildlife found in Glacier Bay National Park? Do you need to research a report about Glacier Bay? Check out our NEW 16-page Youth Newsletter and discover for yourself what's so special about Glacier Bay.


  • Wildlife Biomes
  • Glaciers
  • The Intertidal Zone
  • Forests
  • Mysteries Beneath The Bay
  • Meet the Rangers!
  • ...and much more!

Did You Know?

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is the third largest coniferous tree in the world. One tree even grew to 328 feet!