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    National Park Montana

Wildlife Superpowers Exhibit


Each of the exhibits are shown below. The images link to full size PDF files of the wayside panels. The audio files link to more information about each animal and to an accessible audio described version of the exhibit.

Cliff Hangers Wayside Exhibit Image

Cliff Hangers Wayside Exhibit


Cliff Hangers Audio Files

More About Goats

Cliff Hangers Audio Description

Head Bangers Wayside Exhibit Artwork

Head Bangers Wayside Exhibit


Head Bangers Audio Files

More About Sheep

Head Bangers Audio Description

Meadow Excavator Wayside Exhibit

Meadow Excavator Wayside Exhibit


Meadow Excavator Audio Files

More About Grizzlies

Meadow Excavator Audio Description

Mountain Explorer Wayside Exhibit

Mountain Explorer Wayside Exhibit


Mountain Explorer Audio Files

More About Wolverines

Mountain Explorer Audio Description

Super Hider Wayside Exhibit Artwork

Super Hider Wayside Exhibit


Super Hider Audio Files

More About Ptarmigan

Super Hider Audio Description


Super Seekers Wayside Exhibit


Super Seekers Audio Files

More About Weasels

Super Seekers Audio Description


Super Sleeper Wayside Exhibit


Super Sleeper Audio Files

More About Marmots

Super Sleeper Audio Description


Super Reaper Wayside Exhibit


Super Reapers Audio Files

More About Pika

Super Reapers Audio Description

Did You Know?

Snow can fall at any time of the year in Glacier

Did you know that eight inches of snow fell during one night in Glacier's high country in August, 2005? The weather forced hundreds of backpackers out of the backcountry.