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    National Park Montana

Reduce Your Footprint


Here are some tips to reduce your footprint when visiting Glacier National Park:

  • Observe Leave No Trace principles
  • -Take only photos; leave only footsteps
    -Stay on trails in a single file line
    -Rest on resilient surfaces like rocks and snow
    -Camp only in designated areas
    -Pack out all trash
    -Learn more...

  • Use a reusable water bottle
  • Avoid idling your car when waiting in line...instead, turn the engine off
  • Bike or walk whenever possible
  • Take the free shuttle
  • Bring your own reusable dishes and silverware and reuse plastic zip-top bags
  • Review regulations for boat checks to minimize the possibility of introducing aquatic invasive species
  • Recycle near the entrance and exit of every campground
  • -Translucent plastic #1 and #2 (please remove caps)
    -Unfortunately, glass recycling is currently not available in the Flathead Valley

Did You Know?

Jackson Glacier

If current trends continue, some scientists predict that by the year 2030, Glacier National Park will not contain any glaciers and many of the park's smaller glaciers will melt even sooner.