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  • Logan Pass water system temporarily down

    The water system will shut down Tuesday afternoon, July 22, and the temp system is anticipated to be working by the weekend. Visitors should bring water or refillable water bottles. There will be some water available to refill bottles in the parking lot. More »

  • St. Mary Visitor Center temporarily closed

    It is believed that the furnace in the visitor center malfunctioned and caused the sprinkler system to activate early this morning. There is water damage to the building, its contents, and some of the utility systems. The damages are being assessed.

Webcam Gallery Picture of the Day


Random image from the webcam gallery

NPS Webcam


People send in images captured from the webcams all the time. At one point it looked like a gallery of all those images could be maintained, but that has proven to be a workload that is not sustainable. Rather than not share them at all, we have come up with this solution...a random Webcam Image of the Day. With the help of Todd from Acadia and Tim in our IT Office we now have a program running that will display one randomly selected image each day. Check back often to see which part of the park and what season of the year is online today.

Notes on submitting images:
Email me any images that you think should be included in the gallery. Please ensure that they are at the original size and resolution, or I can not add them to the gallery.
(our website management software will automatically convert my email address into a link that does not allow attachments, so try this: to email me send them to bill_hayden (at) nps.gov. Replace the (at) with an @ sign and it should work. Thanks)

Did You Know?

Centennial logo

Did you know that over 35 Hollywood films were set in Glacier National Park? In honor of film being an American tradition, the Glacier Centennial Program hosted a film festival throughout 2010.