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  • Logan Pass water system temporarily down

    The water system will shut down Tuesday afternoon, July 22, and the temp system is anticipated to be working by the weekend. Visitors should bring water or refillable water bottles. There will be some water available to refill bottles in the parking lot. More »

  • St. Mary Visitor Center temporarily closed

    It is believed that the furnace in the visitor center malfunctioned and caused the sprinkler system to activate early this morning. There is water damage to the building, its contents, and some of the utility systems. The damages are being assessed.

Alternative Energy


Goat Haunt Hydroelectric Facility

NPS Photo

Renewable Energy

At Glacier National Park, we are proud of the accomplishments we have made in limiting our consumption of nonrenewable resources, such as oil and coal, in favor of more renewable energy sources like hydroelectric, solar, and wind power. Ninety-eight percent of our electricity already comes from hydroelectric power supplied to us, but we're going beyond that. The Logan Pass Visitor Center now obtains all of its necessary electricity from over 3600 watts of solar panels located throughout the Logan Pass area. We're also incorporating more vehicles that run on biodiesel or hybrid models. In the long run, these changes will reduce our carbon footprint and put us in a great position when non-renewable sources of energy become more limited.

Solar panel collage
Logan Pass Solar Panels
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Did You Know?


Did you know that in 1932, Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park became the world’s first International Peace Park due to the good work between the two nation’s rotary clubs?