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Grinnell Glacier

Salamander Glacier

Bob Chinn

Glaciers and Climate Change
USGS Research Ecologist Dan Fagre examines the ongoing climate change research in Glacier National Park, using the park's rapidly receding glaciers, and highlights the ramifications to the entire ecosystem.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear with an itch to scratch

USGS Video Capture

Grizzly Bear Research
Glacier's grizzly bears are revealing a complex picture of themselves and the park through some cutting-edge DNA research being conducted by USGS Research Ecologist Kate Kendall.

Grinnell Glacier

Grinnell and Salamander Glaciers

Bob Chinn

Glacier's Geologic History
Former Park Ranger Chris Weiss explains the rich geologic history of this part of the Rocky Mountains and highlights some of Glacier's unique features.

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