About the CCRLC

CCRLC  office in fall

The CCRLC office, a converted Mission 66 house, is located at 65 Mather Drive in the West Glacier park headquarters complex.


The Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center (CCRLC) was established in 2002 as part of the National Park Service's Natural Resource Challenge, a broad initiative within the NPS to provide a vision and a mechanism for parks to revitalize and expand their natural resource programs. As an interface between researchers, communication professionals, and the public, we strive to increase science literacy to fulfill the goal of "parks for science and science for parks."

We are part of a network of 20 Research Learning Centers (RLCs) across the country regionally serving National Park Service units. The intent for RLCs is to make parks more accessible to researchers and research results more accessible to visitors with a vision of creating intellectual centers of information assimilation, integration, sharing, and application into park operations and interpretation.

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