Discovery Cabin

Inside view of skins and skulls in Discovery Cabin

Take a Break from the Trail

Each summer from the end of June until Labor Day, the Discovery Cabin is staffed by park rangers who help children explore the many items in the cabin. The cabin is located a block from the Apgar Visitor Center (Just follow the mountain lion tracks- or ask at the visitor center how to get to the cabin!).

At the cabin, children enjoy creating their own puppet shows, playing track twister, putting their hands into our mystery touch box, sorting rocks, horns, and antlers or stamping animals into their proper habitats.

Check the Glacier Explorer for a list of times the cabin will be open.

Children stamping habitat papers

The stamp station in the Discovery Cabin helps you learn about all the different Glacier animals and where they live.

Practice the Discovery Cabin Song

If you like to sing, you may want to try our Ballad of the Discovery Cabin. It's a fun one to hum while you are stamping your Glacier habitat masterpiece!

Children putting hands in touch box.

Don't peak!

Touch Box Mystery

The sense of touch is really important to many animals. How would you like to put your hand into our mystery box and try your sense of touch? Think you can solve the mystery of what's inside? (All of the items are natural objects from Glacier.)

Speaking of mysteries, where did this cabin come from?

Click here to see historic photographs and find out about the history of the cabin.

Did You Know?